Frases de Lady Gaga

♥De pronto todo es Arte, y de repente hay Arte en mi.💕➰

#ARTPOPmessages Crea tú propio estilo sin ser como los demás

♥Remember each day is a new opportunity to smell your hand after fingering yourself #ARTPOPMessages

♥Being different is a talent. You illuminate what makes you special in the sea of sameness around you. #ARTPOPmessages

☻There is no task too great if you have the focus to persevere. #ARTPOPmessages

☻I may be ugly but I'm rich! #ARTPOPmessages 

☻A rude attitude and being mean won't get you anywhere. Kindness will prevail. #ARTPOPmessages


☺ Free your aura from the hope the sea will ever rest. Train to swim in rough waves as venus guides you on the road to love and be that g.u.y. . #ARTPOPmessages 

♥Love the music, not the bling. #ARTPOPmessages

☻Make your ARTPOP whatever the fuck you want it to be. If art and pop are both present, it's all the better. #ARTPOPmessages

☻Even if you lose everything. You'll always have your Bedazzler. #ARTPOPmessages

☻Free your own mind. No one is stopping you. #ARTPOPmessages

♥Spread love and kindness with everything you do. Just because someone isn't annoying doesn't mean you should be mean to them.#ARTPOPmessages

♠#ARTPOPmessages Never giving up, you just have to be with your head high!

☻Forgive. But don't always forget. Learn. #ARTPOPmessages

♥There's nothing wrong with loving who you are. #ARTPOPmessages

♥Live for your own applause, but remember that others' is always appreciated. #ARTPOPmessages

♥Kill your former. Reinvent yourself everyday. Transformation is magic. #ARTPOPmessages

♥Aspire to be anyone you want. Because you can be who you want. #ARTPOPmessages

♥Make your life more impressive than gagas ass. #ARTPOPmessages

♥Make your aspiration in life to be happy. #Artpopmessages

♥Your ass is famous. #Artpopmessages

♥ Brushes with darkness won't help you create. #Arrtpopmessages

♥ You don't have to feel safe to feel unafraid. #ARTPOPmessages